• Transport of loose material
  • Forwarding services
  • Transport of palleted goods
  • Transport of waste
  • Repair shop
  • Tyre shop
  • Car parts
  • Towing service

Transport of loose material

Our main focus is on the delivery and organisation of domestic and international transport of loose bulk material via dump trucks. We have a wealth of experience with delivering construction and agriculture material, where it is necessary to secure transport of several tonnes in a relatively short period of time.  

Excellent scope of knowledge in the field of transport of this kind enables us to offer great quality of service to businesses with these commodities and to carriers.

Our company is certified with GMP+B4.1 standard which is necessary for transporting feed.

Most commonly transported commodities

  • Agricultural commodities
  • coke
  • fertilizers
  • non-ferrous metals
  • coal
  • aggregate and sand
  • plastics
  • iron
  • feed
  • de-icing salt
  • waste
  • soil

    Forwarding services

    Due to our forwarding services, our company is able to provide customers with service throughout the year; no matter what season, weather or demanding arrangements, or what vehicles and machinery are used. Our experienced team of managing clerks expeditiously handles problems connected to both transport arranged in advance and immediate orders within Europe. It also ensures complex service of road freight transport both domestically and internationally, both import and export. 

    • Intranational and international transport of less than a truckload and full truckload shipments
    • Special deliveries

    Transport of palletized goods

    We can ensure transport of several boxes or a full load

    •  FTL – Full Transport Loads
    • PTL – Part Transport Loads

    Borders are not a problem for us; we deliver domestically and internationall

    • Domestic Truck Transport (VKD)
    • International Truck Transport (MKD)

    Transport of waste – waste paper

    We have been issued permission by German authorities for an indefinite amount of time.