Ohaveč s.r.o. (L.t.d.)

Transport company Ohaveč Ltd. is a relatively new company in the Czech transport market. In our area of expertise, logistics and lorry transport, we do our best to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. Our company can proudly claim that it is a professional in the field of transport and forwarding and employs experienced specialists with several years of experience. We follow the developments in our field and our cash-flow has been strong and steady from the get go!

Our services are complex, meaning that we will take care of everything for you.

The range of services our company provides is so wide and complex that we can fulfil almost any of the transport requirements of our customers. Our company interconnects transport and logistics in order to ensure smooth delivery. We will make sure that your delivery will arrive on time and undamaged. In the cases of forwarding of special deliveries, single piece or other non-standard deliveries, we cooperate only with tried and tested contractors who follow our standards and philosophy. Our team will take care of everything – from receipt of the goods to delivering the freight. 

Ohaveč EU